Vacation Spot for Tourism Destination in Indonesia (Exotic, Natural, Wonderful)

Vacation spots for tourist destinations in Indonesia with exotic views of natural natural resources and the beauty of wondeful or beautiful tourism very much starting from the expensive fees or rates to low prices. For travel costs and lodging rates are also various types, you only need to adjust to the contents of your wallet.

Places that can be visited while on vacation in Indonesia whether for tourism or just for a vacation besides BALI and Yogyakarta there are many. I will give a list of locations that you can visit if you want to travel in a country with this tropical climate.

Tourist Travelling or Holidays in Indonesia

Vacation Spot for Tourism Destination in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia close to Australia which only has 2 seasons, namely: summer and rainy season. That's why this country as a whole has a tropical climate.

Even though the geographical conditions are like that, there are still a lot of places that you can go to if you want to take a vacation or vacation in an Indonesian country. If you intend to do a tour there, there are some things you need to know, including:

Are Indonesian people friendly? Or rude?

You are calm, most of the Indonesian people behave kindly and politely and even respect the tourists who come there. But, of the millions of people, there are still some who are not good or may be said to be a little evil.

Is vacationing in Indonesia safe?

There are some tips and tricks on how to make your trip or vacation when you go to Indonesia safe, including:

- Avoid traveling alone
- If there is anything you need to ask, try asking the police
- Don't trust the people you meet easily
- Always maintain your attitude and courtesy (because people there DO NOT LIKE with insolent people)
Apart from that, you need to be careful about everything related to money and prices, why? Usually, if people there know that you are a tourist, the price for goods will be slightly up and a little expensive. Even if you are a migrant, it is also inappropriate to accept the actual form of fraud that is very reasonable.

To avoid price fraud to you, there are a number of tips that I can provide, including:
- If there is, try to always bring honest translators or local people
- Learn the amount of money exchange or your currency exchange rate into rupiah (Indonesian currency)
- Look at the price tag if you want to buy something

After you understand everything, it's time to find out, a place that you can explore or visit to enjoy your recreation, including:



vacation in indoneisa

Maybe you think BALI is the only place that can be visited to vacation in this country, of course not. Bali is only one of the most popular and most known locations or locations for vacationing in the country of Indonesia.

What's interesting in Bali?

- Beautiful beach
- Great waves for surfing
- Tropical area (suitable for those who like it)
- Community culture that does not matter too much about the clothes or clothes you wear
- Many nightspots

The locations that you can visit when you are there include:

- Former kingdom of TIRTA GANGGA
- JASRI Beach
- Hidden Canyon (maybe like a green canyon)
- Karmaa Beach
- Waterfall falls
- And much more

The above will make your vacation more comfortable and calm.

2. Flores


holidays spot in indonesa

The location is located on the island of Nusa Tenggara Timur. I as a native of Indonesia highly recommend this place for your tourist destination, because besides the people are very friendly, there are lots of interesting places that you can visit on the island of Flores, including:

- Komodo island
- Lake Kalimuttu
- Pink beach
- Paddar Island
- Kanawa Island
- Koka beach
- And much more

In addition to the abundance of locations for sightseeing, another attraction is: people there are very familiar with migrants or foreign tourists. So you don't need to adjust a lot when you are there.

3. Dieng ice mountains


indonesia spot holidays

The location is on the island of Central Java, precisely in the Banjarnegara area. This is a mountain with temperatures almost reaching -2 degrees Celsius. For those of you who come from cold regions, maybe this tourist spot is not too different from your area, it's just that, there are still a few things interesting that you need to take into account for traveling here, including:

- Bukit sikunir (a very beautiful sunrise is the main attraction)
- Lake pengilon (a lake that is very beautiful and has little mystical power)
- The lake is dead
- Special location for pndaki (often called prahu mountain)
- Arjuna temple
- Stone wailing wind
- Jalatunda well (large well with a diameter of about 90 meters)
- Sikidang crater (cold crater with small diameter that you can use for photos)
- Candradimuka crater

4. Borobudur Temple


exotic spot holidays in indonesia

This is a very well-known prehistoric temple, located on the island of Central Java, precisely in the Magelang area. Perhaps the form is not different from the other temples, but there are some interesting histories stored there, including:

- The relief there is very complete
- When Mount Merapi erupts long ago, this temple was buried by its eruption
- There are 100 former fountains (maybe a long time ago functions as fountains)

Apart from the uniqueness above, this is the largest temple in Indonesia even the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

5. Raja Ampat Islands


spot for tourism destinatioan in indonesa

The location of Raja Ampat is close to the island of Papua Indonesia. If you do not know the interesting things that are there, here are some very fascinating things that are the advantages of the Raja Ampat Islands, including:

- Coral clusters are very large and spoil your eyes
- Many diverse flora and fauna
- The people there are very visitor friendly
- Diving spots that can be regarded as one of the best in the world

After you know the advantages that are given, I think this location is very feasible to be put into a list of locations to travel in your notebook.

6. Lombok


spot destination in indonesia

Lombok Islands is a region of Southeast Nusa Tenggara. There are many places that you can visit if you visit there, including:

- Gili Lombok
- Segara Anak Lake
- Pine Beach
- Kuta Lombok beach
- Senggigi Beach
- Batu Bolong
- A piece of island
- Pulai Gili (Gili Trawangan, Gili Water, Gili Meno)
- And much more

7. Tana Toraja


natural spot in indoneisa

The location is on the island of South Sulawesi. The Toraja tribe is the majority tribe that inhabits the district. There are several traditional markets that are very often visited by travelers who come there, such as:

- Makale Market
- Ge'tengan market
- Sangalla market
- Rembon Market
- Sallubarani Market

All of them are traditional markets that are very exotic and very traditional. The products sold there are also mostly original products made by tribe torjadi so it is very suitable to be used as a souvenir for those of you who vacation there.

There are several locations that you can visit if you are there, including:

- Deadlocked Kalando (a resting place for Raja Sangalla which is now a museum)
- Kambira (this is a special grave for small children who have not gotten their teeth)
- Pallawa (unique house among bamboo trees)
- Lemo (a grave located on steep rocks, so you can see the corpse in full there)

8. Lake Toba


wonderful spot destinations in indonesia

A lake that is said to have formed naturally due to the eruption of a super 8 VEI magnitude around 69 to 77,000 years ago. The length of this lake reaches 100 kilometers with a width of about 30 kilometers, this makes this lake as one of the largest lakes in Indonesia.

Why is Toba Lake a very interesting tourist location in Indonesia?

- This is the only natural habitat for fish typical of the Batak tribe
- There is a large lake in the middle with a very wonderful view
- Ranked first on Twitter for the most beautiful lake destinations in Asia
- According to scientists from New York, Mount Toba eruption caused the temperature of the earth to drop by 5 degrees Celsius

Very high historical value and very worthy of being a tourist or holiday destination for you.

Thus the discussion of vacation spots for tourist destinations in Indonesia with sights and natural resources that are exotic and natural and very beautiful for you. Hope it can help you determine a good location for a vacation. Thank you for reading, see u.
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