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Download Noragami Season 1 Batch Google Drive-Noragami is an Japanese anime by Adachitoka. This anime tells of an unknown god and has no single temple, he is Yato-gami. Yato is a god of disaster or a god of war, the task of Yato usually is to grant human desire to eliminate his enemies, after a number of centuries, Yato decides to become a god of luck that helps humans.

However, Yato's hard work did not produce results, until he was left by his sacred weapon (Shinki) Tomone. Shinki itself is a sacred weapon that is only owned by the gods, shinki is usually a human spirit named and a sanctuary by the gods, and when shinki's name is called, the shinki will turn into a weapon. Currently Yato is willing to do any work for 5 yen money that will be used to build a temple. Yato's main task is to eradicate Ayakashi who is wandering around in the human world, Ayakashi is an evil spirit that can attack and make humans lose human feelings so they can take action. One day, Yato met a girl named Iki Hiyori. Hoyori is the girl who is in the middle of the human world and the spirit is because Hiyori can be the Evil or become a human being, because it's time to save Yato, Hiyori is hit by a truck and miraculously Hiyori survived without a slight injury. Because of the incident each Hiyori fell asleep and Hiyori turned into a half Ayakashi.

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Looking forward to finding the Holy weapon, Yato finally encountered a snow-shaped spirit that had never been touched by Ayakashi, he was named Yukine. The emergence of Yukine is a swordless sarong. Because Yukine teens often cause problems for Yato, because Shinki's thoughts or actions will have an effect on their parent body. The disadvantages of Yukine's nature began to increase day by day to cause Yato to be cursed and need to be cleared, this cleansing process was a punishment for Shinki who had done badly. After Yukine acknowledged all his actions, he was finally rescued with Yato. And after that Yato met again with Nora, the holy name of Yato in the past. Who is the real Nora? And what is the problem between Yato and Nora? Can Yato help Hiyori to restore her body as before?

The story of Noragami centers on the adventures of Yato, Yukine and Hiyori Iki, before Hiyori Iki meets Yato and Yukine, she is a junior high school student who is always bully by her friends. Initially Hiyori was just silent and patient until someday he searched for a telephone number and wrote "I'll fix your problem" on the toilet, without him knowing after he called that number he met unemployed man and his homeless was a devious God considered Yato, Yato is a small god who wants to have followers and has a temple. But he has a rough, uncertain, useless and unwilling answer to people's prayers, though nobody claims to be gods of eight million gods.
To build a temple that has been set for him Yato works to fulfill all requests to get 5 yen, he will complete the job until it is completed. So finally he meets Hiyori who makes him stuck with Hiyori along with his Yato, Yukine weapon.

Main character:


God is not known and thinks he is a god of shipping, but he is actually a god of war. His appearance looks shabby with an old scarf scarf. In the second season it is known that Yato's real name is Yaboku.

Hiyori Iki

Grade 3 high school students, he has the ability to turn himself into a ghost after getting hit by a bus.


Before being a Shinki Yinki weapon, Yukine was a 14-year-old teenager before he died and his soul was shut in the dark before he found Yato. Sometimes she is jealous of the living man, for she can not be friends and do things she trains.


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Type: BD
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jan 5, 2014 to Mar 23, 2014
Genres: Action, Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural
Duration: 24 min. per ep.

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